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Stress Introduction

Stress introduction (About Stress) - Introduction of stress, definition, eustress, distress, level of stress

Stress is escort of every living creation. Usually, we meet stress everyday. So, we need to protect ourself everyday: Reduce stress on some acceptable level, Stress Management, understanding stress, treatment of stress, Stress problem solving, anti-stress techniques...

There is not accurate definition of stress, but stress is something like more pressure then we can stand it, or feel you can not handle some things more than you are used to.
Definition of Health from World Health Organization -”Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Life- “biological and natural need for every  living creature, to live the life”.

Live your LIFE !

Eustress is sort of good stress and distress is harmful one.

Stress level is different for all people, and can change.

Like other illness, stress have Symptoms and Signs. Some specific for stress, and some characteristic for many illness. There is few groups of stress sings and symptoms: physical, mental, social, emotional and behavioral.

Stressor (cause of stress) can be everything. External (generated from outside, environment) and Internal (self-generated, or triggers).

Stress can be secondary(another) illness -  consequence of primary illness: Stress can be primary illness and  provokes some other illness (trigger for many other disease).

Stress response is the way our organism react on stress. More about stress response and stress stages you can find on www.stress-response.net.

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